For their junior high band concerts, the boys are required to wear black pants, black shoes, a white shirt and a tie of their choice. We checked the afternoon of the concert and there was no way that Josh would be able to squeeze into his old shoes. I had to run a few other errands but they were close to a store where I could pick up a pair of shoes for Josh too. That was the good news. The bad news was that Josh pretty much thinks errand running is a form of torture. (Since he’s so vocal about his feelings, it wasn’t exactly going to be a picnic for me either.) That’s where plan B came in. The only reason I wanted him along was to ensure that the size was right. In this particular moment of time, our shoe size was exactly the same and not only in length. Thanks to my feet’s Flintstone-ish proportions, the width was the same as well. No need for him to come along. I ran my errands and then had the novel experience of trying on shoes in the boys’ department. It’s not exactly what most women would envision when going shoe shopping but it wasn’t all bad. After all, now I can honestly say that I wear a size 6. (No one needs to know that I’m talking about men’s shoes sizes.)

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