Started Emily's academic team album. Some people love sports, some people love instruments...Emily loves academic competitions. Smile This will probably be the intro to her Social Studies team section for her freshman year.

The Social Studies Academic Super Bowl Team is Emily’s favorite part of high school so far! This year’s theme is “The Glory That Was Greece” and the team meets after school and on Sundays to study together. We have all learned new study terms from her this year - “groundpounding” is the most-often used word to describe how they study. They read all the books through once, using yellow highlighters, followed by a second reading and orange highlighters, and a third reading with pink highlighters. The next colors are blue, green, and purple. They circle essential concepts in red pen and create review games for every Sunday practice. And she adores every single minute of it. Mr. De Kever inspires her daily and the two seniors on the team, Chris M. and Ajith, have become her mentors. Her goal is to captain the team for at least two years of high school. Freshman Year 2013

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