I've been waiting for a snow day all winter! I didn’t want a huge tree damaging, power-outage one - just one big enough for a snow day! I finally got my wish! The child in me had to go out and play - but none of the other “children” came out to play with me. That’s what I get for living in a 55+ “active adult” community!!! I was fresh out of coal, carrots and pipes so used my paper scrapping supplies to make paper pieces for those item and an empty flower pot served as his hat!

Finally our first significant snow of the winter and a SNOW DAY!! It brought out the Inner Child in me and I had to make a snowman. I’m probably the only one in our community with a snowman in the front yard! Black paper coal for the eyes and mouth, orange paper nose, brown paper pipe and a flower pot hat. He looks pretty handsome!

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