This is what it looked like in my yard today - snow ...the trees are still covered ..and they still look like a picture postcard.... I shoveled myself out with the help of 2 neighbors.... my young neighbor shoveled out the back porch .... he was out there at about 6am this morning... My other neighbor did 3/4 of the drive with his plow.... I did the other 1/4 and my arms are tired.... I used Patty's template and I lifted me. It helped heal the pain a little to use Pattie's template for this weeks challenge... I kept hearing her voice in my head and I tweaked not that you can tell it and I moved things here and there....
Clean Stitched Borders: White No. 01
February Kit
Speed Byte No. 098
BBQ Bash Kit
Chalkboard Photo Masks No. 01 Brushes and Stamps

the page I lifted by me