Last week was not the best week of the year, let me just say that. So, I had to bring out the dammit doll. Hopefully, no one is offended by this, and here is the story of the doll:
I was chairing a very large charity event a few years back and dealing with many personalities and trying to keep as many of the 1500 people attending this event as happy as possible. At one of our meetings, one of my friends got up and gave me this stuffed "dammit" doll. It has a pin where you can poke the appropriate words that apply to what is going on in your day. Because it is stuffed, you can throw it, smash it on the get the point.
It sits behind my monitor on my desk, and I have not brought it out for a very long time...until last week.
I had to bring out the dammit doll this week. We lost a dear friend in the Designer Digitals community. Life is not fair, for sure, but I think there is a bigger plan for Pattie.
Dempsey had is yearly checkup and that is always a treat..NOT.
He does not like to go outside, and it is a struggle getting him into the carrier. He is now the heaviest cat in the house, weighing in at 14.8 pounds!
I made my yearly visit to the dermatologist. We are waiting now on biopsy results (which I am sure is fine), but even worse, I now look like someone has smashed me in the nose after having a few things “frozen” off my face. Oh the is better than the alternative.
The remodel was frustrating this week. We just could not seem to
find a paint color that Bruce was happy with. I think we now have it figured out, and they will finish up the painting on Monday.
I am glad this week is behind us and I am welcoming March and warmer weather!
Ali Edwards
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