The kraft paper on this layout is from Pattie's Jolly Red Suit Kit. It has been my go-to kraft paper for ages and I've used it on dozens of pages. Seemed appropriate to use it now.

Sometimes I think people equate online friendships with young children’s imaginary playmates. A vast majority of my interaction with Pattie was in an online capacity only. Trust me, Pattie could never be a figment of anyone's imagination. She was a big name in the digital scrapbooking world. She was a mentor, a teacher and a designer. It is such a privilege though that I can most aptly describe her as my friend. I know that I'm not alone. So many, many of us have our Pattie connections. One small connection for me was our regular Words with Friends games. I know it's just a silly, little game. Seeing Pattie's cheery avatar every morning though never failed to bring a smile to my face. She had such a gift for cultivating friendships with her time, humor and genuineness.

Pattie loved people and people loved Pattie.

I'm so glad that I was able to meet her in person at our DD Disney trip. It was such a large group that you had to look around the room to remind yourself who was there and who wasn't. Well, that was true for most people, but not Pattie. Within minutes of her arrival, she had us all laughing regaling us with the story of how she lost her socks while walking around Disney. (Mind you, I am not talking about mild chuckles. This was the tears-rolling-down-your-face, "oh, my stomach hurts" kind of laughter.) She was such an eloquent storyteller and that was evident in her pages. Her family was her joy and that was reflected in her scrapbooks. Her journaling is direct and full of pride and love for the people that mattered the most to her.

Pattie, I will miss you.
Thank you for being my friend.
Terri Davenport

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