still can't quite believe this has happened....this was not easy to put together.

I remember when I first saw Pattie’s work when I found the world of digital scrapbooking - I fell in love with her pages and her incredible talent. Never did I imagine that I would end up working with her and meeting her in person. I loved the time I spent with Pattie in Vegas and Florida and I can still see her smile and hear her laugh. Her supplies are on so many of my pages, documenting the birth and growth of my children. I just re-read an email she sent me in 2006 (I hung on to it because it meant a lot to me) and it talked about how we never know how much our words or actions mean to someone unless they tell us. She took the time to tell me how she felt, and I hope that she knew how much she meant to me. I will miss her friendship, her humor, her kindness, her thoughtfulness, and her talent. I wish you peace and strength as you move forward - I know she’ll be watching over us all.