Such a hard day, but a day of celebration too. A celebration of a lady who, by the outpouring of love and affection this week, I wish I had been able to meet and am really kicking myself for not taking any of her classes... if only to hear her speak and joke around.


For my page I concentrated on how I do know Pattie... through her products and the comments she left in my gallery.

Journaling - I did not know Pattie that well, only through her fun designs here at Designer Digitals. I wasn’t able to make the trip to Las Vegas with the rest of the DD team so I have never met her in person or heard her speak. But from the outpouring of comments by both team members and people who knew her through digi classes I have a strong sense of who she was - a fabulous person with a great sense of humor, who anyone would be lucky to call a friend. My memories of her will be the sincere comments she left on my scrapbook pages. Her enthusiasm for the pages I have created and photos I have taken mean so much to me and I will forever hold her remarks dear to my heart.