Journalling - Claire is a big fan of the ABC series “The Miss Fisher Mysteries” (based on Kerry Greenwood’s novels). Listing off all her favourite characters the other day; Phryne, Dot, Jack and . . . who Dot’s friend? Well I can’t remember his name which is no great surprise, but she can’t remember it either!
So I grab one of Greenwood’s novels off the shelf. After flicking through for several minutes, I still haven’t discovered the name. “Tsk,” says Claire, “Givit me - Claire SMART!” Okaaay! I hand the book over and blow me down if she hasn’t found it in about 3 seconds flat! One up on mum - Smart indeed!

KPertiet - Hidden Meadow Collection **coming soon**
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Little Nutcracker Element Pack (black frame)
Looking for Love Element Pack (photo wrap and buttons)

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