Back on the wagon yet again. And being the over-achiever I am, you do realise this doesn't stop at December 25 don't you? I'm in it to the bitter end of 2012!! Smile

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Oh thank goodness, as of 8.30 this morning I finished that darn blasted PITA hat! I got up early while he was having his Sunday morning sleep in and just went for it.

Done, done, never to make one again!

Molly hasn't left my side today, she's followed me and dropped wherever I was. She knows today is going to be a hot one. Dogs just know. Forecast is for extreme fire

danger day today. Temperature is already rising.

Cleaned the house today, vacc’ed, dusted, swept, just so I don’t have to do anything on Christmas Eve.

Crossed fingers most of the day that the chocolate presents don’t melt! Tony dropped around for a cuppa so I was able to give him the Reindeer Droppings to take home.

He was about to break into them there and then until I stopped him, they were for he and Jen!

Totally exhausted by mid-afternoon, the heat has sapped me, Mike had a quick practice of the pipes and then a snooze on the couch, little did he know that Ringo was photo

bombing him. I did the washing and hung it out on the line, five minutes later it was dry!

Watered the garden and gave Molly a hosing down to get her body heat lowered. For once she didn’t go running, but stood there and enjoyed the shower of water.

Wes came down and is staying the night, we had BBQ chook and salad for dinner, and then Mike and he settled in for a night of watching DVD’s. Lucky took himself up to

the bedroom and straight to bed, if you can call it that, when he hangs over the side when he’s hot.

Hoping for a cool change overnight, it’s going to be a hard night for sleeping.