Just back from Boston with a bit of catchup on laundry and photo sorting. I didn’t do any of that in Boston because I wanted to be out. It was back to exercise class on Wednesday as the MLK holiday gave me a day off! I was really beat that first day but did see this old cookbook which the desk clerk gave me for free. I love these old ones.I I also had a bunch of updates to do with the Literacy work as more students are applying for literacy training. I hope the assessors step up to the plate and do what they were trained to do. We also had a very nice luncheon at the Severn Inn, courtesy of Erin Gay. The food was very good but while we had great views of the Severn and the Naval Academy, the glare was quite strong in the winter light. Janie left for CA for three weeks so I was glad to get a JinShinJyutsu session in with her. I took my old books back to the library and got the new Ian McEwan one. I love his books and hesitate to start it because he only writes one every three years or so. Choices!


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