and so it goes in winter in new england. . . .

a few highlights from last week: a blizzard roared into town late friday afternoon; four hours later we lost power. no power; no water one hour after that a tree fell grazing the front corner of our house leaving five holes in the roof. ten o’clock at night; nothing we can do but ride out the storm and let the attic collect the snow. saturday we had to clear two and a half feet of snow out of the driveway. no hot shower for the weary after this outing. the temperature inside

the house fell to 37 degrees. we could
see our breath. the fireplace could not keep up with the single digit temps.
sunday the electric company said power may not be restored until thursday. (silent scream! ). monday the holes in the roof are patched. a bit of good news; it was so cold inside of the house none of the snow in the attic melted and we avoided any water damage. four o’clock in the afternoon we are thrilled to receive power. tuesday we awaken to three more inches of snow. we ran a couple of errands and came home to find the power off again. an hour and a half later it was restored. we take quick hot showers. saturday the claims adjuster arrives to asses damages. at five o’clock we receive an emergency message from the town as to an approaching storm that will drop 6 - 8 inches of new snow and gale force winds that will blow until sunset monday evening. power outages are anticipated.

DH: do you want a glass of wine?
ME: skip the glass; give me a straw!


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