I was going through tagging my photos and found some "old" ones I need to scrap and memories I need to get down. My youngest and I, went through a difficult period. He was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD, we had just moved to a new town where we knew nobody, hubby had just started a new job and was busy, and I felt alone...
We are in a much better place now... he has matured, and I have mellowed... Smile Lots of parenting classes, books, therapists, & advice.

Journaling: It is easy to get caught up in the everyday grind of motherhood. The complaining. The whining. The battles. It is easy to let it consume our every waking moment. You and me. Struggling to find a compromise. You exerting your independence and freedom and me trying to find balance within some structure and co-operation.
The days have been trying, no doubt. Some days all I can do is to put it in survival mode. Try to cope. Trying not to lose myself in the process.
But then I am given a reminder. A reality check that slaps me in the face and forces me to re-examine my life. Today that reminder was these pictures. Something about them touched my soul and unleashed a flurry of emotions, only a mother can understand. Emotions that covered the spectrum in a matter of seconds and back again.
I felt pride and joy for who you are becoming. Frustration and denial for the way I have been feeling about our relationship. Self doubt and anxiety for the future. But above all, I felt an overwhelming, heart tugging, love for you. Love that goes beyond measure and is without question. Love that transcends any struggles that may surround us. Love that is unconditional and constant and true. A love for you ALWAYS!
Journaling by Greta Hammond.
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