My poor baby has been so, so poorly. She has spent 5 days in hospital with pnemonia and is on a prolonged course of antibotics and physio as her left lung still has fluid on it.
I have never seen her so ill. She was very sick with a fever, loss of appetite and sleeping most of the time. I took her to our GP twice who said it was 'just a virus' and that she would be fine. I was getting increasingly concerned so rushed her into A&E where she was taken straight into the recuss room and given oxygen and IV antibiotics. I have never been so frightened.
She is on the mend now but it's going to be a good while until she's back up to full strength.
Part of my is cross with the GP for not fully listening to me (Evie hadn't eaten a thing for 10 days and he wasn't concerned!) and part of me is cross with myself for not taking action sooner.
This page was a little scrap therapy for me...

All DD

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