Becky is only 4 1/2 months old and had a rough introduction to our house. It doesn’t help that her natural personality is quiet and timid. And Sawyer terrifies her. Not that I can blame her. If I was a 4-pound kitten and an 85-pound golden retriever chased me all around the house, I’d be terrified, too. But she’s slowly spending more downstairs with us and risking Sawyer’s presence more and more every day. One day last week, she spent a lot of time walking around the edges of the room, watching carefully for Sawyer every moment. At some point, she dared the couch and must have realized that being up higher was a bit safer. We found her like this a little while later - sound asleep on her back and snuggled in between the back of the couch and the couch cushion. I think she found her comfy spot. Smile

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