It turned out to be a very good thing that we celebrated Christmas with the family on Christmas Eve. Tuesday the 25th we had a late breakfast with everyone and then headed home, a 3 1/2 hour drive. For most of the way, the temperature hovered right at 33 degrees with a fine misty rain. Fifteen miles from home it dropped to 31 degrees and began to freeze. By the time we got to our driveway, the trees were glittering with a fine coating of ice, the grass was crunchy and ice was beginning to accumulate on parked cars.

We called everyone to let them know we had arrived safely and settled in to watch the weather. (David and I approach this very differently - I look out the window and he gazes at the Oracle of The Weather Channel.)

Within the hour the freezing rain had turned to snow. It was one of those beautiful wet snows where the flakes seem as big as golf balls. I am sure that most of the women in my town were in a panic: Christmas! Snow! Kroger is closed! No milk! No bread! Argggggh! Forget that almost every home was filled to bursting with left-overs. Those who live in the South understand. Snowfall or the threat of snow is a mandatory trip to the grocery store and we are anxious when we cannot fulfill the ritual.

The snow continued throughout the evening. I took a series of pictures of the front yard. Notice the photo to the left showing the snow on the yard lights. Two hours later, I took the picture on the bottom. The snow was already deep enough that the lights on the yard stakes were covered. The heat melted the snow around each bulb creating the effect of luminaries outlining the driveway and yard. And the bushes glowed an eerie red where the net lights shone through the accumulating snow.

In the backyard, our crepe myrtles slowly bent down under the weight until they were touching the deck. David - ever the optimist - wandered through the house mournfully predicting that we would have massive tree damage. After all, the Oracle of the Weather Channel had declared it to be true. And yet, it was so beautiful. I was mesmerized watching the thick flakes in the glow of the street light. A snow like this touches the child in me. I was ready to bundle up in my snow suit and go outside to play. Instead, I contented myself with the hourly foray out with the camera to document the event. It was the first time we had snow on Christmas Day since 1928.

We the lucky ones. Our town did not lose power so we were snug and warm. In the morning, we woke to a brilliantly clear day and twelve inches of accumulation. Truly it was a winter wonderland. Dec. 25, 2012
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