Back on the December trail! This was a fairly busy day and I couldn't decide which photos to put in, so I overloaded it with photos Smile Don't worry, I was in the middle of nowhere when I crawled down on the road and took that photo, no chance of being run over, I was the only person for miles, with only the cows in the nearby paddock watching me!

DECEMBER DAILY - December 22

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Saturday 22nd December 2012

I woke up at 7am in a lather of sweat. Couldn’t work out why until I rubbed my eyes and realised with Mike on one side of me, Lucky had hopped up on the bed and was curled around my feet, and the cat had decided to join us and snuggled in on the other side of me. Lordy Lord, no wonder I was hot. So I was up early after a late night and still feeling tired, but I have things to do! I made out a shopping list and headed over to Camperdown to Safeway to grocery shop, taking my trusty shortcut. I have to love a farmer with a sense of humour when I saw the farm gate with santa riding a cow, down near McKinnons Bridge.

Something made me want to park and go for a walk along the shops over there and I ended up in Clobber. I swear the store was subliminly calling me, that’s my defence anyway, when I walked out with an amazing green jacket. I wasn’t even going to try it on because I didn’t think it would fit. I loved it and practically floated out of the store. I still have to get my head around that clothes shopping is now fun because I fit a regular size.

It was warm today, Lucky found a good spot in the shade while I was practicing taking some bokeh photos of the cherry plum tree. Mike later said after he did a bit of tuning that he was practicing also ... napping! He was out like a light on the couch.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls for dinner, I have only made these once before and I remember a disaster in trying to roll them. This is a practice run as I plan on having these as part of our Boxing Day dinner when the kids come. I also knocked up a batch of shortbread for some munchies for Christmas and Boxing Day.

We went out to Bushy’s farm tonight, it was magical as always, I love the huge effort he puts in to delight the visitors. I wanted to practice with my tripod and he told me to go for it. He was most chuffed that I gave him some of my reindeer droppings too. It was a perfect Saturday night.