This page went in a whole different direction after I started it, due to some circumstances this week which made us make a very uneasy decision. She has her op on Tuesday. Sad

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We promised her we wouldn’t do it again, put her through yet another operation, but here we are on the eve of going through the same heartache, have we made the right decision, are we being selfish, is it right, do give her another chance for time?

Another growth has developed, but this time it’s weepy. The vet said it needed to come out or it could ulcerate and infect. We looked at each other in dismay across the

room with Molly laying on the floor, the area shaved so the vet could see the lump better. There’s still so much life in her eyes, but perhaps not her body, do we have the right to put her through the trials of the anaesthetic again? I can’t stand thinking of the alternative of her in pain if the wound infects.

So we raised our eyebrows at each other, a silent agreement at that moment, then looked at the vet and said yes, to book her in.

I’m so sorry girl, I know come Tuesday night you are going to be in a world of fuzzy confusion. I hold your heart in my hand and you hold my heart in your paws, and I’m just not ready to let you go, not just yet. I need to give you a fighting chance. You be a brave girl and I will be too, and everything will be okay. I promise.