Carol Ann’s page was so much fun to lift! Thanks for the inspiration, Carol Ann! Smile

It's been a lllllloooonnnnnggggg first week with this little guy. Smile But he's so sweet and so much fun and I'm pretty sure one day, I will sleep again. Wink

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Font: Straight Up, Bebas
Journaling: You are one crazy puppy, this much we know! We have never seen anything like you. You are full of energy and when you are awake you are nonstop. You run around like mad. Bark at everything. You like to bail up your own shadow. And you especially don’t like the crows that come to visit in the backyard. You even thought about bailing up a big blue tongue lizard the other day. You try to eat everything. And I mean everything! You eat your own poop and vomit even when you are given half a chance! We’ve had to rescue leaves, twigs, Lincoln’s cement chalk, cars, our shoes, newspaper, your pee mats and so much more from your mouth! But, you are undeniably cute. And sweet. And the most fun ever. When you don’t have poop breath that is.