7 months in Review

You’re a swimmer, both on the hardwood and in the tub! You’ve learned to get around by swimming with your arms, skidding across the floor. Some may call this army crawling, but your breaststroke is in pretty good form. You get up on all fours, but you are not an official crawler yet. For Christmas, Mommy and Daddy got you a fairy princess bath mat allowing you to ditch the baby tub forever, and you’ve never looked back. You still share your special bath time with Daddy most nights. He hates to grease you up with the Eucerin, but it’s a must for your extremely dry skin. It makes for entertaining/frustrating jammie dressing times. You are truly the absolute best baby we could ever hope for on so many levels — one being that you continue to sleep through the night! After bath time, you nurse with Mommy and by 8:00 to 8:15 p.m. you are out for the night. Mommy generally wakes you up at 6:45 a.m. so you have time to nurse, play and get ready for your day before she takes you to daycare at Christine’s. Christmas was particularly special for you with many fun presents. Grandma and Grandpa Patterson couldn’t make it to Kansas, but sent a special audio book T’was the Night Before Christmas that they recorded for you. Your first Kansas snow came New Year’s Eve, almost two inches. Snow, however, was old news for you as you saw your first snow in Montana back in October.

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