There is an adorable new kit on the way and it was so much fun to scrap these photos of Camp who decided to give his stuffed unicorn a bath! Smile

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This is such a classic “Camp” moment! I heard you humming away while you were in the bathtub. I went in to check on you and you had your stuffed unicorn in the tub! Mawmaw and Pata had gotten you this unicorn on our trip to Helen. We all laughed that you picked out a unicorn with pink hair. You assured everyone that it was a boy and you named him. “My Boy.” You decided on this day that he needed a bath. I told you that stuffed animals weren’t meant to get in the tub. You said, “But he was dirty.” So I decided that if he was going to do this, he was going to do it right! I got him some shampoo to wash his hair. He smelled really good! After the 2 of you had a bath and I got some pictures, we dried off your boy really good. I love how you keep our life so interesting, Camp! It’s these little things that I will always cherish my sweet boy! I love you and “your boy.”