Here's my Week 5, left side. Love the bright happy colors ... I tried to use COLOR as my theme this week ...

Supplies used:

Grey background: Andrea Victoria Pina

White paper: Michelle Martin Layla solids

Stitched grid: Katie Pertiet Pocket Pages Stitched Grids 2

Circle Date numbers: Pattie Knox Speed Byte No 165 Epoxies

Primary kit for papers and elements: Katie Pertiet Color My Love

Other Supplies Used:

Katie Pertiet Hinged Frame No 5

Katie Pertiet Clock Parts No 2

Katie Pertiet Haunted Woodlands Purple Screw Brad

Katie Pertiet Sweet Rose Bay Striped Red Ribbon Bow

Katie Pertiet Banner Strips 1

Katie Pertiet Spot Dots Brushes No 5

Katie Pertiet Artistry d'Amour White Stitches

Katie Pertiet Filed Stacks No 1

Katie Pertiet Striped Magic Value Pack

Katie Pertiet Bike Talk Bubble Pebble (removed the bicycle and replaced it with "Hi There")

Katie Pertiet Sweet Rose Bay papers

Katie Pertiet Photo Corners Collection No 3 (red polka dots)

Cathy Zielske Pocket Card Love This Life

Michelle Martin Fiske aqua paper

Katie Pertiet Tightly Kerned Words Candid No 1 Captured

Katie Pertiet Twisted Stitches No 4

Michelle Martin Jacinda Purple floral paper

Katie Pertiet Gallery Frames

CZ Dotted and Dashed Frames No 1

Katie Pertiet Orange Black and Creme Orange Number paper

Studio DD Birthday Clusters No 1

Katie Pertiet Artistry de Azul Tan Outline Square Frame

Katie Pertiet Ad Inspiration 02-02-2013

MBS Ingrid File Tab recolored

Pattie Knox Fasten Its No 1 Black Binder Clip

Katie Pertiet Mixed Stacks No 3

Katie Pertiet E-mail Inspiration 02-02-2013 Football Field Marker

Katie Pertiet Super Bowl Inspiration 02-05-2012 Football and Banner

Fonts: Kraft Nine (title), Aquarelle (subtitle), Myriad Pro, Traveling Typewriter, Arial Narrow, Calibri, Blackout Midnight, Chunk Five Bold, Sail, Pacifico, Segoe, Steak