And moving right along I give you the 21st !! In the home straight now. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Friday 21st December 2012

End of the week, hallelujiah! I'm feeling a bit out of control at the moment. I was on early mail shift, but got up even earlier than needed to do a few more rows of that blasted good for nothing darn pain in the arse hat (note how the name has lengthened, it's not just "that darn hat" any more!)

It was a terrific day, blue blue blue skies, just makes me happy. We had decided on giving Tabby and Aaron a really good cutlery set for their engagement present and I spent lunchtime going over all the various patterns, and ended up selecting an absolutely beautiful set for them. Mike loved it, thought it was a great choice, we really hope they like it. We plan on giving it to them on Boxing Day when they are here for dinner.

I got home and Mike was ready, we were heading over to Terang to the Gala Traders Night. Quickly changed into my jeans, yay! my Levis now fit again, and off we went, stopping briefly to take a photo of the decked out mini minor just past Noorat.

The late afternoon sun was really glarey has it was deep in the sky. We sat outside and had a nice cup of coffee at Cafe on Latte, the sun was bone warming. I tried to

take a photo of Mike and he was all in shadow, he took a photo of me and I was awash with light. We wandered down High Street and stopped to buy tickets for the various

raffles for the clubs, checked out the shops that had stayed open, and Mike ended up buying a big greasy hamburger for dinner, which he said went down really well.

We were late going to bed tonight, being that Mike started watching Lord of the Rings on telly. I walked into the bedroom to see that Lucky had made himself right at home on my side of the bed. Naughty boy (naughty but cute).