Kelly (mugsbigsis) gets a nod in this one. Bet you didn't think you'd make it to my family December Daily scrapbook page Kelly! Smile

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Thursday 20th December 2012

Ack! Up at 6.30am and back to that good for nothing darn hat! It's going to be the death of me. I only have limited times to crochet without Mike seeing what I'm doing. He knows I started it, but I want him to think I've forgotten about finishing it and ta daaaaa, there'll be a surprise under the tree for him. Maybe!

Lucky protected us from the Great Garbage Bin Monster which he does most Thursday mornings when he hears the truck rattling down the street. He almost does backflips chasing the truck up the fenceline.

It was so nice after days of grey to see beautiful blue sky again, the sun was glorious.

Lunchtime I popped down the street, BEDLAM! Ended up at Thomas the Jewellers and saw they had Jim Shore santas half price. Score! When I think back. it was Kelly from Designer Digitals who started my love for these santas after seeing a special scrapbook page she had made. Last year I bought the fantastic bagpipe santa, and now I have a cute new one holding a cat. And because I had parked outside Moonlight Lighting, I picked up two new swish light fittings for the toilet and laundry.

Out to Spotlight looking for masquerade masks for Tabby and Aaron's New Years Eve engagement party. Looks like Mike is going as spiderman which should make him a happy chappy, and I got a black and silver mask for me.

Tonight we headed over to Terang for the Terang Masons Christmas Party at the middle pub which we were looking forward to, they are a good fun crew. We had a lovely time catching up with Kelvin and Beth and hearing all about their overseas jaunts and saw some Christmas lights on the way home.

Home, cuppa, bed.