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Sunday morning Nathan was anxious and excited. Until we arrived at the gym. It was a smaller place than I was expecting (though still bigger than the one they train at every week) and the newness of it all, starting with covering our feet with blue booties, was instantly too much for Nathan. He was in tears before we were inside.
We found the snack area and I made a deal with him- if he got his uniform on and did his test for me (just me) right in that snack area, then that would be enough. I also let him in on the secret that Dad would be buying him a milkshake afterward. Deal. He got dressed.
Downstairs, the kids all lined up to start their testing and Nathan was instead glued to my side, not wanting to go in. He wanted to just test for me. I told him that was fine, but he wouldn’t get his yellow belt. He was thinking about whether he was ok with that. The idea came to have him test for me in the waiting area, near all the parents watching.
“But,” he said, “I don’t want everyone to see me.”
I told him, “Nathan, this is what testing is. You know your moves, don’t you?” (nod) “And [your teacher] brought you here because she knows you know all your moves and she wants to show everyone how good you are. Testing is just proving to everyone what you already know.”
“Ok, Mom. I’m ready to go in now.”
When he tested, he was AMAZING. And our hearts melted when he turned to do a punch, saw us watching, and got that cute smirk of pride on his face.
The smirk showed up again when [his teacher] came and told him what a good job he did. I could see his heart swell up.