My photo swap partner is Thess aka thessh . . . I was so excited to have been paired with her and asked for some of her wonderful travel photos to work with. After seeing the photos from Thess, I have definitely bumped Sweden up on my bucket list!! Thess sent me some of the journaling and I found a few extra facts about this amazing castle on the internet. The title says "Welcome to Kalmor Castle" in Swedish . . . thanks to one of the internet translations sites.

Leif and I were on tour with a Swedish singer in 2011. We had a day off in Kalmar, a medium sized city on the east coast. Kalmar is mostly known for it’s castle, Kalmar Slott. Fairy-tale turrets, a drawbridge, a foul dungeon and secret passages…yes, Kalmar Slott has everything that a proper castle should. They started building a fortress on the site in the late 12th century. In 1397, the Kalmarunion (a union between the Nordic countries) was founded here by the Danish Queen Margaretha. King Erik ruled from 1560 until he was deposed in 1568. King Erik’s chamber is a real scene-stealer. Erik’s rivalry with his brother Johan caused him to install a secret passage in the loo! Kalmar Castle was never really inhabited by royals as such, it was mostly inhabited by different officials appointed by the king at the time. But, many royals have spent time there since the castle was owned by the crown. My own ancestor, nobleman Gustav Eriksson Vasa, spent time here in 1520 after escaping from Danish captivity. He came here on a ship from Germany.

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Thanks so much for the lovely glimpse into your beautiful country Thess . . . this was so much fun!