Okay I had a little break and now I'm back on the wagon, gung ho to finish this sucker ... err ... book of wonderful Christmas memories. Smile

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Wednesday 19th December 2012

It was grey and windy and rainy today, our lovely weather has vanished. I had taken my lunch to work so stayed in at lunchtime, watched The View, and continued with that blasted hat (as it’s now being called)!!

I was meeting Lyn at 4.30pm for a coffee and cake at Wytons. It was so lovely catching up, we didn’t stop yacking the whole time. I’ve missed my friend since she retired at the start of November. We ended up closing down the joint, ha! I’ve always wanted to say that. Well it was obviously time to leave when we looked around and everyone had gone and the waiter was putting the chairs up on the tables. But not before a quick photo.

I came home to see Mike painting the toilet. We are such procrastinators, we bought the paint back in September to do the toilet, bathroom, laundry and to date only the toilet ceiling had been finished. It looks so nice and fresh and has pumped me up to get cracking on the bathroom now.

I had asked Mike to take a photo for the day's entry today and left behind my big camera for that purpose. He looked mighty satisfied when I got home from work, telling

me to look on the camera, he took a great photo. Hmmm mysterious. Oh no! It was a photo inside the cupboard where I had stuffed one of his presents, he had found it!!! I remember now the other day, I had bought a singlet to put in his Christmas stocking from the menagerie, and had started wrapping it and saw him heading inside from the shed and quickly opened the cupboard and threw it in, paper and all. Oops, he found it.

I did get excited though when I spotted a huge santa sack with a tag to me under the tree. Looked like fun gift wrapping as the tag had "Kathmandu" on it, one of my favourite shops. Adventure gear, I can't wait to open it!