Here's my take on the new Lots of Love Challenge! You'll find the challenge details on the blog here:

When I read about the challenge to use special journaling, I thought of this sweet letter right away. My then first grade daughter wrote it and sent it to her sister who had moved out of state several months earlier. That sister, Laura, was the first of Kristin's older siblings to leave our hometown area. Kristin wrote the letter and sealed it up in an envelope before I ever saw it--she just asked me for a stamp! She sent it off, and I forgot about it. When we visited Laura in Maryland that summer, the letter was hanging on Laura's refrigerator. When I read it, it brought tears to my eyes! Today, it brings even more tears, as in just a couple of weeks, ALL FOUR of Kristin's big sisters will be living far away. We're so happy for and encouraged by all of them, but we do miss having them nearby.

Here's the translation, in case you can't see (or understand!) Kristin's writing:
Laura I love you. I can't wait for Christmas when I get to see you. Tomorrow is my recital. It is also my field trip to the Minnesota Arts Museum. I am sad but I am also happy. I just heard that Abby is probably going to go to Rwanda to teach for a year. Then I'll have two sisters gone. I just want to be with you again. I can't wait for Christmas. And I am finished with my animal research book.
Love, Kristin

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