I'm happy that I've made it almost to the end of January with my super simple approach to a 365 project. I think I can keep this up, and I think it that the printed book will be a great visual record of our year. This page is special to me, because this funny looking little stuffed toy has been so very special to my now adult daughter for so many years. A neighbor gave him to her when she was three years old, on the occasion of her baby sister's birth. He's been with her through thick and thin, and now he's keeping her company while her husband is away at Officer Training School in the Air Force.

Journaling: Rachel’s been staying with us off and on since Zach left for OTS, especially in these recent weeks. The weather is wintery, and the time for her to move far away is drawing near. I’m happy to have her here.
She sleeps in her old room, now my office. I was working in there this morning. She had this little guy snuggled in the bed with her. He’s brought her comfort for twenty one years now.
He’s been a friend through thick and thin.