Journaling reads:
Oupa and I loved celebrating your first birthday with you. You were a little out of sorts at times but you enjoyed opening all your presents. You got so many fun things to play with - your Mummy and Daddy bought you a Little Tikes car. Some time back Uncle Fred had bought you your very own personalised number plate which had originally been on your pushchair but Mummy and Daddy thought it would look much more cool on your car, so Daddy fixed it to the back of it. You also got books, some togs from Auntie Jennie and Auntie Hayley, and you got an Ipad and a Thomas the Tank Engine book from your Nanny Wendy, and lots of other things. You also had lots of birthday cards which Mummy had put up in your playroom. She also made you some birthday bunting and a delicious cheeky monkey birthday cake which had a big blue candle. We are so looking forward to celebrating many of your birthdays with you Jack, you are growing up so quickly so I want to cherish these moments with you.

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