I went to Cuba with a friend from work and her 9 year old son, Nick. I told them that I wanted to get up early one morning and take pictures on the beach of the sun coming up. To me, that meant, me, on the beach.....My friend insisted that they would both join me and I did appreciate the company. We got up at 5:30 and used my tiny flashlight to make our way to the beach. I had given Nick my gorillapod to use and it kept him busy. Of course, as I hate being late, we were a little early and once my tripod was set up...we waited...in the dark. It was windy and Nick was sitting in the sand in his hoodie and once he had taken a picture or two said, "I think that we should go back to bed, I don't think it's happening today". I assured him that the sun would come up eventually...I saw a shooting star.....and then the sun did come up and we went to breakfast. It was wonderful.

KPertiet-Carte Post kit, watery photo masks no 3