This is Josefina – I was inspired by Jana’s page…. I know my rainbow colors don’t match I just wanted to play… I have 10 rainbow stripes even if you can’t see them all I’m going to play with this some more after the show….I hope you can laugh at my expense…. I did the first dose of Liquid plummer on the kitchen drain at 4….Mamaw says “I’m really careful – I don’t remember it ever being stopped up before” “ just leave it til tomorrow – its just the 2 of us”…. Its now 6 and the drain is still clogged – I’m going to go get another bottle….now she remembers me using the liquid plummer the last time and it worked really good and really fast……I wonder what she put down the sink???

Rainbow Solids and Stripes Paper Pack No. 01
ad inspritation 1/26/2013 - color changed - thanks Katie this is an awesome freebie!!!!
font - CK Brownie