When I got up this morning … I was overwhelmed by all the fantastic pages for Katies Throwdown – it was almost 10 til 9 so not enough time to make a page … so I just checked out each page and soaked up inspiration. Mamaw and I stopped by and saw Mom on our way home from the bank… and she had some flowers on the table and I got out my camera…. Then Callie posed and then I had fun making this… there is basketball on tv… so Mamaw is listening to a Danny O’Donnell tape - Katie thanks for the throwdown and thank you Rache77 your page opened my eyes to a new thought I loved the way you did the mask/paper with the overlay. I used the secret ingredient…. Bet you have to look to find it…. Hint its at the tip of the paper overlay…. I Found this word art on the internet when I was shopping for a bracelet…. Didn’t find the bracelet like Mom’s …. It’s silver and has this quote on it…. Here’s Rache77’s fantastic inspiration…

Katie's Throwdown challege freebie thanks a lot!
Crowning Affair: Vibrant Kit
Taped Together Overlays No. 01
Camo Style: Pink Kit