Created for the Winter Wonderland Challenge. The photo is a scan of an old slide that my dad took. This is my Grandfather taken out at their place in Raco, Michigan - located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Taken around 1956/57. Though I was just a little girl at the time I still vividly remember the winters there. Piles of snow and we would go outside to build snowmen and make snow angels. Grandpa would go out and shovel and shovel. There were no snow blowers or big snowplows. I don’t remember for sure but I imagine that the neighbors had plow fronts on their trucks and helped him out some. My grandfather was a lumberjack so the challenge freebie snowflake and the pieces from Frosted Winter were perfect.

Frosted Winter Kit
Creswell Element Pack
Creswell Element Pack
Bits of Nature No. 02