6 months in Review

Half a year old – words simply cannot express how blessed you’ve made our lives. You have been busy laughing, giggling and being an all around “Manimal” as we like to call you. You’re part man, part animal these days. I am sure you will find as you grow older that your mom and dad give nicknames to the ones who they love most. Suggie Boog will forever be your official nickname, but spin-offs are sure to come! You spent your first night at your cousin, Jenna’s (a.k.a Babycakes) house. Jenna loves your mommy very much and couldn’t understand why she couldn’t be Suggie Boog, too. But that's reserved only for you. You came down with your first temperature of 102 degrees. Mommy stayed home with you for one day, but had to take 4-Hers to KYLF so Daddy took good care of you while you got over your horribly stuffy nose and cold. He even gave you a steam treatment in your high chair in the master bath. You also began eating baby food, which you are not particularly in love with. You enjoy your rice cereal, but green beans were a no, peas took some trying, and you decided you would give in with the sweet potatoes. You spent Thanksgiving at your Great Grandma Norma’s. Grandma Trudie and your mom brought all the fixings to Norma’s house, and the Blockers joined us for a day of fun.

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