Wow.... done.... my idea not a lift using everything from the challenge plus more...

I spent the morning with my Mom …her outlook is much better…. and then off to visit a friend. I gave Linda her pages I made during the Days of December and we stopped at this incredible smocking store – 3 people were taking a class – 2 were embroidering and were paper scrappers …. I saw light bulbs go off when they saw the digital pages the other was making a paper doll quilt square and it was fantastic…did I get out the camera … no …. Shame on me….but I did do what I do best … I talked! when I got home I thought I’ll check out the 30 minute masterpiece and to my surprise I had not missed it…. I took pics of Maria thinking about todays lift… FYI Maria is an 18inch doll and I wanted to blend – this 1 stood out and then I just played fast and furious during the 30 minutes…. I did my own thing instead of lifting… I’ll still be scraplifting I can’t help myself …. But its time to try to use all the stuff I’ve learned and do something on my own… one of the new years resolutions …. Is to use some of the stuff in the stash that hasn’t ever been used – I used 2 things new … the freebies and 2 things from the stash never used and 2 trusted oldie but goldies…and say an extra thanks to someone who was special to me on Thursday.

freebie 30 mm chat 1 20 2013
Inky Dink Page Borders
Counting Trash Overlays
Touch Up Paint Brushes and Stamps No. 05
Page Blends No. 02
Oversprayed: Hearts No. 1 Brushes and Stamps
freebie Color Inspired 1/19/13