Journaling -I’ve been thinking a bit, lately, about the pages I make. Specifically about why the pages about the seemingly insignificant are the ones that give me the greatest satisfaction when done well. The ones about the hairbrushing and the hot chocolate and the funny little snippets of life. I think it is because it is the best I can do to tell HER story. I heard Bonnie saying to someone the other day, “it’s such a little life”. And she’s right, it isn’t a big story, but it’s no less real for its reduced size. And no-one else can tell it - because so much of it is only seen by me, and she can’t tell it herself. Of course it isn’t REALLY her own story. I have no way of knowing what that actually is - I can only tell what it looks like to me. And, of course, she is largely unaware that her story is not being told. This is about MY need - my need to make sure that this little life doesn’t go entirely unnoticed.

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