ok, it's true. He is still magical to me….the boy is enchanting and so is his sister ….her page to come….
When we took them out to lunch with their Mimi - their great grandmother…he insisted on wearing his new black suit for the occasion.
Then while in line to get popcorn at the movie he realized he had the watch, the suit, the look…struck this pose.
So happy he is still easy about posing and playing for the camera!!

Thanks for looking.

Ali Edwards
Hello Magic Brushes and Stamps

Katie Pertiet
Almost There Solids Paper Pack
Filmstrip Frame Brushes and Stamps No. 01

Pattie Knox
A Child Is Born Kit
this kit has that blue night sky paper which I darkened to use as a background for this image of the boy….i intentionally left some of the glow around him to match the rim light treatment of the other agents in the publicity poster….