Liz (lizziet5) sent me this lovely photo of her daughters, and I tried to make it the star of this page for her. The journaling is what she emailed me about her daughters, and I thought it was perfect to use just as it is. With a wedding and a new grandson coming, Liz has a busy couple of months ahead of her. Best wishes, Liz!

Journaling: Jodie and Hayley, there are ten years between you; and while you were growing up, you were either squabbling or as thick as thieves, so it's been lovely to see you become closer as you've grown older. But you now live more than 6000 miles apart, as Hayley has returned to Cape Town to marry next month and settle there for good. Jodie, as you are expecting your second son in March, you will unfortunately miss the wedding. Such is life! But your father and I will return to the UK after the wedding to welcome another beautiful grandson into the world! My two beautiful daughters whom I love more than life itself.

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