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Monday 18th December 2012

Here we are a week before Christmas and I’m feeling a bit out of control. Realising that I still have that hat to finish, I busied myself crocheting again in my lunch break. And yet I made another mistake and had to frog a bit of it. Billy Connolly has a lot to answer for.

I stopped on the side of the road on the way home from work to take a photo across the paddocks to Mount Shadwell. I’ve always thought it kind of cool that Mortlake is based at the foot of the volcano, dormant at that. But then dormant isn’t extinct, maybe it will blow at any moment. Ha! Living on the edge! This is the scene, the countryside, that I see each day as I drive in and out to work, sheep grazing, cows on the way to be milked, kamakazee cockatoos, wayward koalas trying to cross the road, whoever would have thought I’d end up such a country girl. But the best sight of all when I am driving is the sight of the mount, because it means I’m nearly home.

Got home tonight to the fresh smell of sweet grass, Mike had mowed the lawn, but it was too thick and sludgy for the catcher to work, so there are clumps of mowed grass in patches. Looks like we’ll have a green Lucky dog tomorrow!!

Mike decided after that to head across the road for a bit of festive cheer with the boys. All he was planning to do was to take a map to them so they could find Bushy’s farm and see the Christmas lights, but they plied him with wine. He came home with a grin on his face.

Oh ... and Ringo the Elf has finally made an appearance!