Janas webinar from memory and my notes…. resolutions stink… I made a new years resolution that I can’t get the new stuff til the quartertly sale at DD it’s a self imposed resolution so the only one that will be affected if I break my own rule is me- its 1/16 and what does Jana do in the webinar she used new stuff that I waited to buy I so need a coupon for all the times I do this to myself but I wanted to play with what we learned in class via the webinar… so now I’m forced to use what I have and make it my own… I love using what Jana uses but alas I really must stick to my guns….so I hope you appreciate my take for this weeks “begin” challenge page!!! I added stitching around the edges and made the rectangles and triangles I used the yester year kit because it looked similar to the kit I didn’t have and I changed the color of the photo corners to -180 Then I figured I could make the triangle bigger and attach paper since I didn’t have the fantastic xo ribbon I really liked Janas cluster and once again I needed that Sweet Rose bay kit You can darn bet that the first thing in my cart at the sale will be the Sweet Rose Bay Kit next year no new years resolutions for me they stink!!! I gave myself and out on the resolution if it was on sale I could get it if I was going to use it asap – the sale ended 2 days ago!

Alandia Tropics Kit
Artistry de Azul Kit
Autumn Ice Tonal Stripes Value Paper Pack
Blendable Photo Cards No. 01
Blendable Photo Cards No. 03
Clean Stitched Borders: White No. 01
Clean Stitched Circles: White No. 01
Coastal Kit
Color Study: Brown Paper Pack
Gingerbread Runaway Kit
Jewelry Tag Alphabet
photo cornersLayer Works No. 096
Slide Reels No. 01
Yesteryear Clusters
Yesteryear Kit