Well today is week 2 for Jana’s class. So I happily played with a photo of me in the kitchen yesterday. Renee stopped by and we made caramel corn. Renee made it several times during the holidays and it was time for me to learn how to make it as opposed to Mamaw. Mamaws recipe was the size for an army …so we went on line and used Renee’s recipe… Mamaw laughed and said she never had to use the computer to cook… I really liked the air popper… the popcorn flew here and there but oh how easy… I may never microwave popcorn again….we went to lunch while it cooled… Dodie my aunt stopped by just after we finished lunch and went home with half…. Mamaw’s been in the kitchen eating a little bit here and there and my container is looking a little slim…. Guess we will be making more soon

Artistry de Blanco Kit
Clock Parts No. 07
Deco Tapes: Stripes and Dots
Edge Overlays No. 03
Gingerbread Runaway Kit
Sweet St. Nicholas Kit
Taped Together Overlays No. 01