Well, I didn't think I had enough projects going so I thought I'd add another. :O)
Actually, I realized that I was doing a book for myself, a book for my son and nothing that allowed me to actually take photos. I fell in love with a 365 project by Vivre last year and thought I'd try something similar. The book will be my favorite photos from 52 weeks so that I don't have to fret over making sure I have one for each day or even 7 for the week.

Journaling: 1. cold - my snowman was dumped on, but he smiled the whole way through. 2. frozen - snowflakes on a chenille scarf. 3. peaceful - a statue in my flower bed that didn’t get moved for the winter. 4. new beginnings - the beginning of a new flower on my “sock plant” (airplane plant?) that Mark gave me when he was in kindergarten. He brought the cutting home in a two liter coke bottle with a sock in it. 5. fur - this is one of three squirrels who taunt Hermes on a daily basis.

Cathy Zielske:
Cathy Zielske's 52 Weeks Vol. 01B

Lynn Grieveson:
All White Now Paper Pack

Katie Pertiet:
Frosted Winter Kit
Frosted Winter Add-on Paper Pack
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