Will December never end!!!!!!!!! ha.

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Monday 17th December 2012

After an early night last night even Mike was up before I went to work, and that hardly ever happens! He saw me off with a smile! NOT! He's so not a morning person.

After patting myself on the back and congratulating myself for finishing Christmas shopping and having everything wrapped and done, I remembered the blasted Pang Hat I'm crocheting for Mike, who wanted one so he could look just like Billy Connolly in”Journey to the Edge of the World”. This hat is going to be the death of me, I've already pulled it out three times! So I grabbed it to take to work and I spent my lunch break crocheting. Pressure is on.

Maggie’s letter box that I pass on the way to and from work always makes me smile, the cow even has a santa hat on now.

I met up with Jen, Michelle and Lisa for a movie night tonight, we went to see “Pitch Perfect”. Hardly anyone in the movie theatre, there were lots of empty seats. What a great feel good movie, we thoroughly enjoyed it. We ended up late night shopping at Target singing down the aisles much to the amusement of staff, then went to the late night kebab shop. Yum.

We drove back to Mortlake in tandem and I realized when we got back to Jens that I hadn't got a photo of us, so a hurried one as Lisa was getting out of Michelle's car.

The girls are used to me and my camera so they didn't think this at all stange, in the middle of the street, in the dark!

Mike had made himself pork ribs while i was out and did some work binding reeds, seeings I was getting home late. I got home to see him watching a special called Pricing the Priceless about paintings being genuine or forgeries on ABC. Had a cuddle on the couch which Lucky decided he wanted to join in. A cuppa and then off to bed.