I have got to say, the Refine Edge in Photoshop is awesome - I was able to select that bird's tail feather. Who Hoo! This page is a lift of jcaruth910 wonderful page Holiday Shadowbox: http://www.designerdigitals.com/digital-scrapbooking/ideas/showphoto.php?photo=186668&cat=fav
Journaling: In my family there was an iron clad rule about ornaments. Ornaments were supposed to hang, not lean up against the branches. (I am not sure exactly where this “rule” originated but it was certainly going full tilt in my grandmother’s house so it was not a new expectation.) The top of my artificial tree is rather tightly packed and it is hard to find enough of a drop for things to hang. So, I have many, many tiny little ornaments for that part of the tree.
Credits: All DD
KPertiet: Old Time Christmas No. 03 Kit
Basic Twills: Plain
Christmas Memories Collection
Here Comes Santa Claus Mini Kit
House Shadow Box Frame
Artisan Trees No. 01
Woodside Jangle Kit
Posted Santa Postage Stamps No. 03
Jolly Good Edgers Brushes and Stamps No. 04
Branched Corners Brushes and Stamps No. 02
Branched Edgers Brushes and Stamps
Christmas Village Kit
Snow Fun Element Pack
Holiday Foliage
Little Nutcracker Element Pack
Christmas Clips No. 01
PKnox: Fanciful Felt Ribbons and Trim: Little Trims No. 02
Checkered Past Numbers: Green
LG: Angelic Winter Kit