Friday 1/4 I got the urge to move the dollhouse from the upstairs spare bedroom to my downstairs office – the tree was sitting in the room naked and “stuck” in the tree stand… the bookcase that used to be in the room was on the stairway landing… so I asked Mike my neighbor across the street for a hand… we moved the tree to the basement and we moved the book case to its new room and then we set the dollhouse on the book case and Mike carried the the doll house stand downstairs…. When it got downstairs it was covered in roofing tar (Mike is a roofer) I breathed / I remained amazingly calm and we cleaned up the mess… Mike was amazingly calm and had this incredible cleaner…. We both went up the stairs and there was nothing on the dollhouse so I suggested we move the doll house on Saturday… that my heart really couldn’t take much more…. Late that night I got the urge to move the bookcase/dollhouse alone…. I made it from the bedroom to the kitchen…. 1 floor ….definitely not down the stairs… how I managed not to drop it and get it on the table it was a miracle – Saturday 1/5 I saw John outside he’s my neighbor on the other side he helped me get it to the office – “no roofing tar”….he good naturedly snapped me trying to lug it…...I thought it was perfect for Jana’s Creative Composites class!!! For proper perspective I’m 5 ft tall(60 inches) and the doll house is about 40inches

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