...and now to my other unfinished project....Sunday, the cats love to drink from the tap in the bathroom. Monday, I bake some gingersnaps using a friend's mum's recipe. She is gone, but fond memories surface when I bake these cookies. Tuesday, a little snow for a walk in the woods. Wednesday, Phantom seems to have fallen in love with Kate's quilt. Thursday, the paperwhites are in bloom. Friday, I heard that Churchill didn't want any statues of himself because he didn't like pigeons...I wonder how Mr. Fisher felt about snow....Saturday, the wet snow yesterday followed by more today have made my clothesline look more like a table.

KPertiet-Stitched together no 1, naturally krafty no 7, Woodside Jangle papers
MMartin-jelly alpha no 12
LGrieveson-Scrap Express No 53
CZielske-Boxed Numbers