My January divider page for what I hope will be my 2013 Project Life. Since PL has “no rules” I’ve developed a plan for my first attempt. With the kids grown and gone, the "grands" to far away to see all the time, and since 5 days a week I put in almost a 12-hour day with work and commute I don't always have much subject matter. So I thought I would do monthly segments using a monthly title page with a facing pocket page that will include a piece or two of family history or a special person in the family. I’ll also include family birthdays/anniversaries or other special dates for the month. Then there will be a couple pages of the photos and journaling for the current month. I think I might be able to do this since I’m doing this book for me. Not for my kids or anyone else, but just for little ol’ me and it only needs to please me - LOL!! Sounds selfish? Well, most of the time I scrap with others in mind thinking someday I might put it in a book for so-and-so - and never complete a project. So this one’s for me!

From My Bookshelf Paper Pack No. 02
Audubon Notebook Collection No. 01
Autumnal Artistry Kit
Alandia Rancheros Kit
Woodside Jangle Kit
Thankful Memories Kit