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January Kit
January Worn Solids and Spots Paper Pack
Layer Works No. 269 (rotated)
Frame Hangers No. 01
Wire Rimmed Charms No. 01
Party Pennant Sticks

Font: Bookman Old Style
Journaling: My Son, there is so much we hope to share with you as you grow up. We want so much to share every little bit of wisdom we know with you. And we will. But we also know how important it is for you to figure some of those gems out for yourself. But if there was one thing I could ever hope to pass on to you, that would be to tell you to be yourself. Be true to who you are and all that you believe in. Let that light from within you shine, and make the world yours. You are a pretty amazing little person, and I hope everyone who gets to meet you can see that. Be proud of who you are and all you achieve. And forever know that we are not only proud of you too but love you to pieces.