Finally finished a page - which I started a week ago! Thanks for looking and Happy New Year!

Journaling - We finally got to use the snow suit I bought (on sale!) for Kyle at the end of last winter. He has been much better about letting me put on his mittens and hat recently and didn’t even complain about his makeshift shoe covers! Once we were both all bundled up and outside, Kyle just stood and stared at everything before starting to explore the yard. Every time he got snow on his mittens he would start brushing them together to remove any snow that had stuck to them. He of course spent some time at the gate, opening it and closing it - a favorite activity any time of the year. Since the air was actually quite warm I did take Kyle’s mittens off when he stared to complain. He would touch the snow with one finger, but didn’t want to go so far as to use his whole hand or hold a snowball.

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Katie Pertiet -
Fine Lines Border Lines Brushes and Stamps No. 10
Polar Mountain Collection Complete Collection
Watery Flakes Brushes and Stamps No. 02
Stacked Photo Clusters No. 03
Winter Words Brushes and Stamps
Hung Up Journalers No. 01
Hinge Pack
Assorted Messy Stitches: White No. 01
Photo Clusters No. 11

Lynn Grieveson -
January Kit

Ali Edwards -
Love Sentiment Strips

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